iPhone гид по Флоренции (ENG!)

Florence offline iPhone guide — english version

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iPhone путеводитель по Флоренции (на английском языке!) Скачать путеводитель по Флоренции под айфон

Florence travel guide for iPhone:


  • high resolution map of Florence
  • the number of POI on the map more than you can find anywhere else, at least 10 times more than in any paper travel guide (total number of POIs — 218 with 36 restaurants)
  •  5 interesting routes through the Florence, which you can follow or walk by yourself: in any case you can easily find information about POIs nearby
  • you can select, which POIs you want to represent on map. For restaurant you can choose price category
  • offline position of you on the map — no way to get lost in the city, does not matter where are you
  • almost every POIs are accompanied by high quality photos. Even restaurants.
  • full description of POIs and not just a few words, as it is widely used for iPhone guides. So you can fins a lot of interesting information and historical facts, but you also can easily skip the information you are not interesting in (not like in audio guides).
  • some restaurants have even their menu, so you can get an idea about it without visiting the restaurants. You will not find this feature anywhere else!
  • in description of museums you will find all the practicalities you may need: opening times, admission fee, etc.
  • search is possible through the lists of POIs
  • several transport maps of the city: bus lines, touristic buses and even driving map through the city center.

Easy to use, all you need!

User manual

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